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Q: How do I unload my containers when they are shipped?
A: There are a number of shipping configurations depending on the container type and your on-site needs. Most of our containers can be unloaded with either a forklift or your roll-off truck. Louisisna Container Co., INC will make sure your shipment is configured according to your needs.

Q: How many containers can ship per load?
A: While the amount of containers shipped to you will depend upon the size and type of container, a good rule of thumb is that we can ship up to (7) 30 yard bathtubs or (5) 30 yard rectangulars. Some of our containers can ship up to (12) per load.

Q: I use containers with special specifications. Can you assemble according to what I need?
A: Of course! We can tailor specifications to meet any unique requirements your company may have.

Q: I’m starting a waste hauling company and am not sure of what containers may be best for me. Can you make any recommendations?
A: Contact any of us at Louisiana Container Co., INC and we will be happy to help you determine what may be best for both your company and your budget. We’ll even visit your site!

Q: What kind of paint do you use?
A: We use Industrial Grade Enamel and primer on all of our containers regardless of size.